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Why new Residents Should Join a Recreational Sports League in Vancouver

Why new Residents Should Join a Recreational Sports League in Vancouver

Beach Volleyball Vancouver

Moving to a new city, or even new neighbourhood, can be a scary and intimidating process, and no one knows this better than your East Van real estate agent’s at Team Kerr.  Of course, while you are exploring East Van real estate and working with your East Van real estate agent, we will do everything in our power to make you feel right at home.  We strive to make the home buying process warm and welcoming, and our team of agents is also full of invaluable local knowledge to help you settle into your new community.  It is completely natural to be a little bit anxious about meeting people in a new city and, for those of you that are a little nervous, there are many ways to combat this.  At Team Kerr, we like to suggest that anyone new to the area should consider joining a recreational sports league.  Here’s why!

Organized Recreation is a Great way to Meet People

Let’s start by addressing the primary concern.  For those anxious about meeting people in Vancouver, organized recreation is a great way to do so.  By signing up as an individual to play in a league of your choosing, you are guaranteed to get to know both your teammates and opponents and will likely create relationships that will extend far past the competitive playing field.  Many recreational league sports in Vancouver meet multiple times each week when they are in season, creating the perfect outlet for you to meet like-minded people in your new hometown.

Adult Sports Leagues are a Great way to Stay Active

As you finish up your East Van real estate search and close with your East Van real estate agent, the process of actually moving into your new home will begin.  It is easy to get bogged down with all of the little details such as small remodels, painting, moving furniture, decorating, etc. which can lead to letting important elements of self care slip to the wayside.  With organized sports leagues, you will build at least a couple of nights a week into your schedule for fun and exercise. No matter your athletic interests, there is a league for you. From classic sports like basketball, soccer, and volleyball to fringe offerings such as curling, dodge ball, or floor hockey there are plenty of opportunities to get out and play.  Further, being on a team will prove a greater motivation to exercise than trying to hold yourself accountable. Even more important, research has shown that regular exercise is a key to happiness. If you find yourself sweating the details of the moving process, recreational sports are a great way to reset for a day or evening and get those endorphins firing!

Your East Van real estate agent will be no stranger to the stress that can accompany the home buying process.  As such, we put in an added effort to take care of our clients and help make any and all transactions run as smoothly as possible.  Once your East Van real estate search has come to an end, Team Kerr is still here for you with suggestions on how to best settle into your new home and city.  While we are full of ideas, organized recreational sports around town have proven a great way to meet people, get exercise, and maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle in your new city.

Check out the community centers near your new home for specifics or the organization Urban Rec in Vancouver for more specifics!

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Celebrating 18 Years at Team Kerr’s Client Appreciation Night

Team Kerr: Doug Gibson, Shannon McNulty, Chandra Levac, Matt Kerr, Dawn Kelly, Melissa Pauliuk, Laurie Gillis

Every year Team Kerr hosts an annual client movie event for our valued clients. Team Kerr’s client appreciation events are a way of saying thanks for your continued support – and this year marks 18 years of helping people achieve their real estate goals with thousands of successful house sales and dream homes bought! Thank you for letting Team Kerr be a part of your real estate goals!

On Saturday, June 2nd we celebrated with some of our favourite real estate clients from over the years at the famed Rio Theatre in East Vancouver.

Team Kerr is dedicated to giving back to the communities we work in, so when we heard about The Rio and its fight to #SaveTheRio, we knew we had to help. Team Kerr pledged its support and bought a private movie screening package, inviting our clients, friends and families to celebrate this iconic East Vancouver venue.

Family cult classic The Goonies screened while we sipped on mimosas for the adults and juice for the kids, nibbled on baked goods and popcorn. Why did we go with The Goonies? Because Goonies Never Say Die! and hopefully neither will our host venue, The Rio.

Built in 1938, this award-winning entertainment hub for independent film and live performances in on a mission with its IndieGoGo Campaign to keep entertaining Vancouver for years to come. The Rio has secured a 4 million dollar mortgage with Vancity but has until July 7th to raise the remaining amount needed to buy the property.

Thanks to support like ours and many others in our community for this iconic Vancouver institution, it will hopefully continue to enchant audiences from its historic location for a little longer – but it still needs our help! For more information visit their page to find out more about this amazing venue, and how you can help it avoid demolition.

Investing in the Rio Theatre property will not only help save the Rio, but it is also a solid Vancouver real estate investment. #longlivetherio

Team Kerr The Rio Client Appreciation

The festivities opened with a welcoming intro from Matt to introduce everyone attending to our full team. Next up was a screening of the “Save the Rio” promo video as well as a sneak peek at our own, new promo video by the talented Sarah Lipi of DocMe. Our photographer, Sandra Steier, was also on hand to snap family portraits as a special take-away for our clients to commemorate the event. If you were at the event and haven’t received your family portrait, please contact us!

We appreciate each and every one of you putting your trust in us to help navigate the Vancouver real estate market and ensuring you get the best possible service and end result — whether you’re buying, or selling — it’s better with Team Kerr on your side!

Thank you from all of us at Team Kerr!

Team Kerr The Rio Client Appreciation

Team Kerr: Chandra Levac, Susan Gadsby, Matt Kerr, Dawn Kelly, Laurie Gillis, Doug Gibson

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Special Events to Look for this June from your East Vancouver Realtor

There are countless reasons why more and more people are drawn to Vancouver, British Columbia.  However, somewhere near the top of everyone’s list are, simply put, the summer months. Summer in BC is something special and your East Vancouver realtor at Team Kerr is sure to agree.  From beautiful weather and the great outdoors to fun events and local gatherings, Vancouver in the summertime is one of the most magical places on Earth. While you are working with your East Vancouver realtor to find your dream home this June, be sure to take some time and check out these local events.

The First Annual Breakout Festival

If you are in the area shopping for houses on the weekend of June 9th and 10th, don’t miss out on the first annual Breakout Festival at PNE Amphitheatre.  Billed as Vancouver’s first outdoor music festival, Breakout will feature some of the hottest names in hip-hop and R&B.  While the music promises to be excellent, the promoters of Breakout will be pulling out all the stops to make sure that this festival becomes a favorite tradition for years to come.

Car Free Days!

Some of our favorite annual events in Vancouver are the city’s Car Free Days.  On June 16th and 17th (over Father’s Day weekend), Denman Street, Main Street, and Kitsilano host these volunteer-run festivals that bring the community together.  As the name indicates, streets are closed down in the name of fun and games – as food vendors, live music, and games and entertainment replace the hustle and bustle of downtown Vancouver.   Whether you are a local looking for a new home in the city or someone hoping to move here in the near future, don’t miss the Car Free Day’s of this June!

The City of Bhangra Festival

Vancouver is a very diverse city and relishes in the opportunities to showcase and celebrate its diversity.  A great opportunity to do so this summer is from June 14th – 17th when the City of Bhangra Festival takes the town by storm.  This festival celebrates Punjabi culture, music, and tradition in venues across Vancouver and is an amazing way to get exposed to East Indian dance, culture, and food without having to travel halfway across the world.

June is a wonderful time to visit Vancouver and work with your East Vancouver realtor to finally settle on that dream home While you are in town, be sure to spend some time exploring some of the events that make this city so special in the summertime.  If the above three aren’t doing it for you, check out the link below or ask one of the smiling members of Team Kerr for their recommendation. We are always here to help!

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A Beginner’s Guide to East Vancouver

When it comes to labeling a city, a lot of names and abbreviations get thrown around to describe different neighborhoods or areas of town.  Vancouver is no different and, while it may seem intimidating at first, each part of town has been distinguished as such for a reason. Vancouver is a city full of culture and diversity, and each unique neighborhood is a part of that.  East Vancouver, or East Van as many locals call it, is one such neighborhood. Here at Team Kerr, we sell real estate around the Greater Vancouver Area but pride ourselves on having some of the best East Vancouver real estate agents around.  Not only will we help you find your dream home, but we will help you get acquainted with the neighborhoods that you are exploring. Read on to discover more about what makes East Vancouver so special.

Where is East Vancouver?

First things first, let’s identify where East Vancouver is.  In short, East Vancouver is considered everything within the city east of Main Street.  Everything to the west of Main Street is considered, you guessed it, the west side. As the area of East Vancouver becomes more populated and gentrifies the border has pushed further and further east.  Unlike West Vancouver and North Vancouver, East Vancouver is still a part of the greater namesake city.

So what neighborhoods are located in East Vancouver?

By most standards, East Vancouver includes ten major neighborhoods.  Mount Pleasant includes Main Street and South Main. Riley Park houses Queen Elizabeth Park and Nat Bailey Stadium.  Strathcona is home to Chinatown, Grandview includes Commercial Drive, and Kensington includes Trout Lake. Additionally, Hastings Sunrise, Renfrew-Collingwoord, Kilarney, Victoria-Frasierview, and Sunset are all a part of East Van.  

What is so special about this side of town?

East Van has already has a lot going for it and seems to becoming cooler by the day.  It is home to Trout Lake/John Hendry Park – one of the city’s most beautiful and favored green spaces.  Commercial Drive also runs through East Van and is full of fun and unique restaurants, cafes, stores, and watering holes.  This particular part of town feels especially European, thanks to its early heritage. The PNE and Playland Amusement Park make for great family outings, and the craft beer scene in East Van is perfect for adult’s looking to taste the local flavor.  No matter your age, interests, or demographic, East Van has something for everybody.

As your East Vancouver real estate agents, we want to make sure you not only find your ideal home but that it is also in the ideal neighborhood.  Location is as, if not more, important than the home itself and our caring family at Team Kerr will stop at nothing to make sure you are satisfied.  That said, East Van has a lot to offer just about everybody, and we will always encourage potential homebuyers to check it out!

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